Crown Point Lacrosse is a sports club in Northwest Indiana that supports lacrosse teams for Boys and Girls at the High School, Middle School, and Youth levels.

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Crown Point Lacrosse Brand Guidelines


Color plays an active role in people’s lives. It attracts attention. It triggers emotions. Color can influence decisions and behaviors.

Consistent use of color supports visual cohesion with the Crown Point Lacrosse Brand.  It will also show that we believe of ourselves to be affiliated with the Crown Point Schools system in the near future.


Primary Palette

  •   PMS 200
    CMYK: 3 100 63 12
    RGB: 187 0 0
    HEX: #bb0000
  •   PMS 424
    CMYK: 56 47 47 15
    RGB: 102 102 102
    HEX: #666666
  •   White
    CMYK: 0 0 0 0
    RGB: 255 255 255
    HEX: #ffffff