Crown Point Lacrosse is a sports club in Northwest Indiana that supports lacrosse teams for Boys and Girls at the High School, Middle School, and Youth levels.

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 2021 Covid Policies

^Should a player, or coach be quarantined due to COVID-19 or COVID-19 exposure, they will maintain their 10 day quarantine away from all other players, and coaches while remaining teammates and coaches participate in practices, games, team activities.

^Should a school or team that we visit for a game have COVID policies in place for visiting teams, players, and fans, EVERYONE will follow them explicitly without question.

^Players and parents will be expected to follow all local, state, cdc guidelines for safe social distancing procedures when possible. Wear a mask when you cannot stand or be alone. Players may be asked to put their masks on for portions of practice or other team activities as directed by their coaches.

^Players MAY NOT share water, water bottles, or gear.

^ Players & Coaches will report any mandated quarantine of themselves or their family to their coach and will not participate in practice/game/activities until cleared to do so.

^ Players and Coaches will be expected to monitor their health and wellness and use caution before coming to practice or a game. If they are not feeling well in anyway, they will report their condition to family and coaches/administrators before showing up to participate.

^ Players, Coaches, Volunteers, and Board members will wear masks as they approach or exit the field area. Masks will be required on the sidelines by all inactive players, trainers, score keepers, board members, photographers, coaches, etc.

^ Social distancing will be maintained and players/coaches/board members/fans will not congregate with other players or coaches without maintaining a six foot span of space when able to do so.

^ Coaches will be held to the same Covid preventative standards and procedures as their players and will maintain social distancing when possible and refrain from use of mouth whistles or cone style megaphones.

^ Players and Coaches will report any positive COVID test results to coach or admin so that a quarantine of those closest to them (teammates and coaches) can be instituted.