Crown Point Lacrosse is a sports club in Northwest Indiana that supports lacrosse teams for Boys and Girls at the High School, Middle School, and Youth levels.

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Equipment for Varsity Girls Lacrosse

All Players are required to purchase their own equipment for lacrosse.  This consists of a Crosse (or stick), mouthpiece, and a custom Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear (helmet with eye mask).

The Crosse (Sticks):

Various types of sticks are allowed for use in lacrosse, depending on age and gender. In boys lacrosse, there are two types of sticks, the short crosse, and the long crosse. Girls lacrosse players exclusively use a regular stick, similar to a boy's short crosse. Goalkeepers in both boys and girls lacrosse use goalie sticks with a much wider head to help block shots on goal.

New players should be careful when purchasing a stick for the first time.  Girl's sticks and boys sticks are different.  You will need to be sure to purchase stick for girl's (women's and girl's use the same sticks).  The easier way to tell the difference is from the material used to create the netting.  Boys sticks commonly have a single woven mesh net, while woman's requires traditional stringing across from vertical straps.  An example is shown below.

Boys Girls

The Mouthpiece:

All players must wear mouthguards.  Mouthguards cannot be clear and must not have a strap hanging out of the players mouth while playing.


                                Protective Equipment:

 All CP Girl's (Middle School & Varsity) field players must properly wear the Cascade LX Women's lacrosse headgear. The Cascase LX provides protection for the head in the form of a helmet and to the eyes with the attached eye mask. The Club will be offering a fully customized team helmet for purchase. 

                                        See approved listings for:  Sticks